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About Us


Sonora Beach

When Sonora first opened its doors in 2007, it was a humble wooden, chiringuito, but it already had an energy, a magic… and that inimitable Sonora soul that soon made it the hippest spot on the coast. ‘Environmentally Funky’ was the slogan, and it perfectly summed up Sonora’s ethos of harmony with the natural world and its dedication to loving life.

It’s hard to put a finger on exactly what made Sonora so unique; from its trademark turquoise floorboards and brightly coloured balinese parasols to the feel-good, funky beats and sensational live bands that performed there each week. Perhaps, what makes Sonora so special is the heart and soul that has been poured into it by its owners.

And this bohemian beach spot is brimming over with heart and soul.

Laid Back

Their idea was to create a place on the coast that they would like to go to themselves; a place that was relaxed and laid back, but funky and effortlessly cool; a place where people could get together without pretense or posing; where one could dance barefoot and shake it all out; a place that inspired, and uplifted, and united. And they created more than a place: Sonora was a mood, a moment, a movement. Only minutes away from the glitz and glam of the coast´s champagne spraying, beachside stilettos and commercial dance haunts, here was a place where we came to be free, to be real, to be unaffected and authentic, to swim with Africa floating on the horizon.

Grown Up

No longer a swaying, wooden structure, Sonora is now a glorious, beachside restaurant, with a gorgeous balinese roof (of course!); original andalusian tiles; intricate ironwork and a veritable tropical jungle of lush greenery. Every corner of Sonora is beautiful – from its stylish bar where cocktails are shaken and stirred, to its chilled-out, beachside decking, and colourful, shaded, dining spots where palms sway gently in the breeze. There are pretty pockets of privacy for romantic tête-à-têtes, and plush, cushioned lounge areas for sundowning with friends. The menu offers an exquisite dining experience, with head chef, Samuel Ceballos, creating exciting gastronomic creations and enticing modern twists on traditional favourites. The cocktail menu has been carefully crafted by head barman Leandro Martínez with the very finest ingredients and, of course, a splash of Sonora flair!

Sonora has – like all of us – grown up.


It’s stylish and sophisticated, it’s cultured and cosmopolitan, and yes, it’s a little more polished – but the DJs still spin vinyl, the feel-good beats fill the air, the decking is vibrant Sonora turquoise, and bare feet are always welcome! The staff are friendly, warm and welcoming, and the vibe is lively and laid back.

A firm favourite with locals, Sonora is a popular spot for lazy, beach days and leisurely lunches. At night, the charming terrace offers an enchanting oasis of romance and magic, and of course, there’s still nothing quite like a Sonora sunset… Sonora has mellowed like a fine wine, and has cemented its place on the coast and in our hearts, brimming with beautiful energy and Sonora soul… And it’s still, every inch, Environmentally Funky!

-Nathalie Rose Kern-Sonora lover from day 1